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An intuitive bingo card creator for creating bingo cards at home or with professional printers
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19 September 2011

Editor's review

The old and exciting game of Bingo has been successful in entertaining people of all ages and genders since long. The game is simple and have been introduced with various themes ranging from numbers, vocabulary, names of plant, animals, places etc. The number game consists of various cards with each card containing a number on it and available to the host. There is another set of cards with one card each available to players and with numbers written on them in a grid. Every time the host calls out a number, each player looks into his/her card for that number and strikes it off. When all number are struck off, the player is the winner. If you want to create your own custom cards for this game, there is a simple application for it by the name of Bingo Maker v.3.2.

Bingo Maker v.3.2 is a shareware program for creating your own bingo cards with a theme of your choice on computer. The interface and layout of the program is simple, and has been designed keeping in mind the computing abilities of novice users. The cards are of high quality and the program features easy printing procedure for the created cards using the printer attached to your computer. The program features a number of personalization features like customizable backgrounds, images, colors, fonts, styles etc. Thus you can create cards with the styles and colors of your choice. The program has a number of attractive ready made card templates pertaining to educational and recreational themes that can be easily used to create bingo cards. You can use its built-in image cropping tool to integrate part of pictures you have. Apart from this, it also supports direct printing of soft copy of cards available in PDF format. You can print six cards in one page thus avoiding its wastage.

Overall, Bingo Maker v.3.2 is a nice and flexible application to create bingo cards of your own choice. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

An intuitive bingo card creator for creating home printable bingo cards. The Bingo Maker bingo card maker creates high quality bingo cards that can be printed using your home computer or a professional printing service. Personalization features include images, backgrounds, fonts, colors and allow fast bingo card creation using numerous templates. The Bingo Maker bingo card maker has pre-made templates for both educational and recreational purposes; Create bingo cards from pre made templates for holidays, Christmas, Halloween, baby showers, bridal showers, educational bingo (math, expanding vocabulary and ESL). Features also include custom imaging for both background and bingo space item with an easy to use image cropping tool. Print or export (PDF format) your bingo game in minutes including ready to cut bingo call list.
The Bingo Maker 4.0 - New Features and improvements
- Bingo word list search - now you can search The Bingo Maker word lists
and find the subject you want to create a game for in seconds
- More than 100 custom designed bingo templates
- More than 300 bingo word lists
- Multiple desktop resolution support + full screen enables
- Printing optimized
- Pdf export optimized
- Long words are hyphened in order to improve bingo item appearance
- Pdf bingo game generation progress
- Pdf bingo game generation cancel button
- Large font support
The Bingo Maker
The Bingo Maker
Version 4.0
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